The Onrust Project – Replica Dutch Ship and Floating Museum

Throughout her career as a Dutch language and history scholar, Greta Wagle has taught at several schools in Belgium and the United States. Currently the executive director of the Onrust Project, Greta Wagle has dedicated the last 25 years to independent research.

The initial mission of the Onrust Project was to recreate the ship built by Captain Adriaen Block and his Dutch crew in New York in 1614. The project bears the name of the original vessel and receives support from such organizations as the Navesink Maritime Heritage Association and General Motors Corporation (GMC). With thousands of dollars in donated materials and as many hours of volunteer labor, Greta Wagle and project staff completed the replica ship in three years using 17th century design and construction techniques.

In commemoration of the Onrust’s 400th anniversary, the vessel traveled from its berth in Waterford, New York, to New Jersey and back in 2014. Along with occasional voyages, the Onrust serves as a floating museum and conducts tours and sailing excursions for school groups and the general public.


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