Greta Wagle | About

Greta Wagle, an accomplished researcher and scholar, is a founding member of the New York-based Onrust Project, an educational initiative for historical preservation. The project is notable for taking on the task of constructing a faithful replica of the seventeenth-century Dutch ship, Onrust, built in 1614 in New York Harbor by Captain Adrian Block and his crew. The Onrust is New York’s first trading ship and the first yacht built in the nation. Prior to her achievements as Onrust Project Director and Vice-President, Greta Wagle served as Director of the Legacy of New Netherland exhibit.

Within the past decade, she has also worked as a researcher, an editor, and a proofreader in the preparation of encyclopedias and other educational materials. The titles on which Greta Wagle has worked include the A to Z Encyclopedia of Chemistry, the A to Z Encyclopedia of Biology, and A to Z Scientists in Weather & Climate. Her research efforts have been facilitated by her fluency in Dutch, English and French and knowledge of classical Latin and Greek.

An active contributor to her field, Greta Wagle maintains affiliations with a variety of historical organizations, museums, and societies in New York’s Capital Region. Her work with the Onrust Project has been featured in various periodicals, including the Times Union, the Smithsonian Magazine, and a number of Hudson Valley publications. She has previously served as Treasurer of the Crossroads Neighborhood Association, and as a member of the Board of Trustees of the New Netherland Institute.

In her free time, Greta Wagle pursues a variety of interests. They include outdoor activities such as skiing, biking, and snowshoeing. Furthermore, for over two decades, she has taken part in a local gourmet group dedicated to Belgian, American, and international cuisine.


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